A Town Hall on Police Accountability, Discipline & Oversight

Presented by the The Racial Justice Initiative of the Barristers Club 

A Town Hall on Police Accountability, Discipline, and Oversight

Date Tuesday September 29, 2020
Program 5:30-7:00 p.m. 


Chesa Boudin

San Francisco District Attorney 

Paul Henderson

Director of the Department of Police Accountability

Chief William "Bill" Scott
Chief of the San Francisco Police Department

Damali Taylor

Vice President, San Francisco Police Commission


Yolanda Jackson

Executive Director and General Counsel, The Bar Association of San Francisco

The deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor pushed front-and-center this nation’s longstanding issues with systemic racism and have led to public calls for more police accountability.However, in order to effectuate change, one must first understand our current police oversight system. 

Please join us for this very special town hall where we will explore the topics of police accountability, discipline, and oversight, with three expert attorneys who work in the police accountability arena, and the Police Chief of San Francisco.


  • What City Departments, Commissions, or other groups are involved in police oversight and accountability?  
  • How can a citizen make a complaint about police misconduct? What is the intake and investigation process? 
  • Is there an appeal process? If so, what does it entail?  
  • What types of discipline can officers face administratively, criminally, and civilly? Who are the decision makers? 
  • What are the statistics regarding complaints filed, discipline imposed, and decisions overturned? 
  • What information regarding police misconduct complaints, investigations, or discipline is available to the public? 
  • What types of discipline can the Police Department impose for officer misconduct? 
  • What happens if an officer receives multiple complaints for misconduct?
  • Are there parts of the police oversight process you believe should be reexamined or changed?

This program is brought to you by The Barristers Club Racial Justice Initiative, which seeks to educate the legal community and public about issues of racism, police brutality, criminal justice reform, and how to be an ally. 

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This event is free to the public. 

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9/29/2020 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
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